Film is about
Encouraging Learning

Film In Education

Why is Good Film Important in Education?

Imagine this:
You're wanting to learn how to drywall your house.
Option A: You buy a book on drywalling.
Option B: You hop on YouTube to watch a tutorial.

Which option would you learn best from?

This is the importance of film in today's culture. More and more instructors and faculty are using videos to teach in the classroom. More and more students and parents are drawn into videos about college's they are applying at. Film is the medium that all people use to connect and feel emotion amongst each other.

This is why we believe that producing film for education is so essential.

It is the future, and it is shaping the way people connect with the world.

So How Do We Do IT?

1) Consultation

This is where we sit down and discuss the overall vision you have for your project. We review what necessary team members we will need, equipment to have on hand, and the hours that will be spent on your project. You are going to walk away knowing what the final masterpiece will look like, and how much it will cost.

2) Creation

Creation is where we start the storyboard and scriptwriting process. This is also where we will find any actors and locations we will need for this shoot. We take our time to iron out these details because we really want to see your vision brought to life. This is important to us because this is where we get to be–well–creative!

3) Production

In Production, we gather all of our gear and come to you. This includes lighting, audio, and, of course, our filmmaking gear. This part will take a bit of time because we take care to set up all of our equipment properly, safely, and efficiently. Because you deserve the very best quality and experience, we film until we get the script right, and we capture everything to really make the final product POP! Once we are done, we will then shift into Post_Production.

4) Post_Production

In Post_Production, we take your film into the editing room, where we spend countless hours bringing your vision to life. This extends all the way from choosing music and sound effects, to sequencing the clips, transitioning, and color grading. Your masterpiece is turned into a living product that students, faculty, and staff will get to connect and communicate with.

5) Delivery

Delivery is where you get to see your final product. After your thumbs up, you will get all the assets necessary to display your video for the world to see. We want you to be just as happy as we are with the final product, so we'll make sure we get it right.



Now Let's Get Personal...

Everyone's needs are different, so our experience is tailored to you. We take our time because we believe that every student, every parent, every faculty member, and every staff member this touches should be impacted.

It's about telling your story.

Now let's get started!
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